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Utilities Must Adopt a Horizontal View to Save Customer Relationships

Greentech Media about utilities

In May, MGM Resorts in Las Vegas told state regulators it plans to stop buying energy from NV Energy. Instead, the casino empire plans to purchase its own electricity on the wholesale market.

“After careful thought and analysis over many months, we have concluded our objectives are best met by purchasing the energy required to operate our resorts, and serve our customers and guests, from a source other than NV Energy,” John McManus, MGM executive vice president, wrote in a letter to regulators.

Utilities today are facing more existential threats than ever before. Third-party providers of clean energy now offer a credible alternative to the traditional power company — eroding the relationships they have established with customers of all sizes. A new white paper from PA Consulting, “The Next Generation Utility Customer,” outlines strategies for addressing those threats in a proactive manner.

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