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How We’re Unique

We are Innovative Energy and Sustainability Experts

With a commitment to promoting a sustainable, resilient, and equitable future, Edison enables organizations to deliver on their strategic, financial, and sustainability goals by addressing today’s key energy challenges: carbon, cost, complex choices, and creating energy justice across communities.

Data + Commercial Expertise = Valuable Insights
  • Strong depth of human expertise using real data to create tailored client solutions
  • Best-in-industry analytics
  • Client-integrated, personal approach
  • Decades-long track record of experience
Transparently Independent
  • Advisory role that’s unaffiliated to developers or suppliers
  • Technology agnostic
  • Offer multiple perspectives to find the right solutions for each client
Human Approach to Complex Challenges
  • Real connections, real people, real experience applied to everything we do
  • Multi-pronged approach to generating solutions beyond just data analytics
  • Top-tier specialized team specific to client needs
  • Seamless client integration
  • Proactive approach to mitigate risks
Passion for Creating Impact
  • Agile, flexible, and creative custom solutions that make real changes within organizations
  • Mission to create a more efficient present and sustainable future
  • Cognizant of evolving energy landscape
  • Focus on philanthropic efforts that make a social impact
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Our Heritage

Edison Energy is a business created to meet the needs of the new energy future, while drawing on more than 130 years of energy and utility experience as part of Edison International. As stakeholder expectations around corporate sustainability increase, Edison helps companies rise to this challenge by designing and implementing individualized strategies, projects, and programs across sustainability, renewables, transportation electrification, energy optimization, and energy supply.

Our parent company, Edison International (NYSE:EIX) is one of the nation’s leading energy suppliers with revenues in excess of $12B and more than 12,000 employees.

Our Leadership Team

An accomplished senior leadership team provides practical, seasoned direction for Edison Energy. They represent a variety of disciplines, industries and professions but share a deep commitment to our core values: safety, integrity, excellence, respect, continuous improvement and teamwork.