Our Global Presence

International Operations

Edison is one of the founding members of the Energy Experts Alliance. The four-member Alliance network provides a global solution to meet the energy management and data reporting needs of our clients with facilities around the world. We believe it is the ideal business model for providing international account management services coupled with invaluable “home market” expertise from each member of the Alliance. Globally, we manage over 6,300 clients across five continents and manage more than $11.4 billion in global energy spend.

The Alliance covers the following regions: Australasia, Europe, North America, and South America.


Our Alliance partners have been carefully selected and qualified by Edison because they are leading, established service providers in their home market. The Alliance members average approximately 20 years of business operations, and each company CEO has signed a “Service Charter” document which establishes their commitment to meeting and exceeding the service quality expectations of our global clients.

As members of the Energy Experts Alliance, with over 700 employees and 20 offices globally, Edison Energy is ideally positioned to meet global energy service needs in a comprehensive and seamless manner.

Edison Energy specializes in services across North America (US, Canada, Mexico) as well as China, and have partnered with the leading energy services providers in Europe (Alfa Energy), South America (Comerc in Brazil, Eiys in Argentina, Cosenit in Colombia) and Australia (Energy Action).

A Global Network

Through our extensive network of leading services providers, we can deliver highly specialized services support at the local and regional levels via dedicated account management teams that are experts within each local market, including power/gas commodities, distribution/transportation networks, regulatory requirements, as well as the local supplier networks, languages and culture.

Local Expertise

Our regional teams work in an efficient and effective manner with key facility level and regional management, leveraging their specialized local level knowledge to identify many savings opportunities (including procurement, hedging, invoice validation and several other service areas) that would otherwise go unnoticed by our clients or other service providers.

Streamlined Communication

Our Alliance is structured in a way to also ensure highly coordinated and centralized global level communication and reporting to our customers. All global invoice data is captured and reported via a comprehensive single web platform.

Seamless Execution

Each of our regional teams report up to a global Edison Energy account manager via regularly scheduled calls and reports, that in turn allow our global account manager dedicated to provide you comprehensive global level reports and information that is aligned with the key areas identified with your team during the initial implementation process, ensuring you receive timely, accurate, and pertinent global data in a seamless manner, specifically tailored to your needs.