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Operations. Mastered.

Seamless operations and maintenance, made easy.

Edison Energy takes responsibility for operating and maintaining your energy assets to lower costs and improve operational efficiency, regardless of who owns the assets. Our team keeps thorough records of site performance and deploys field staff to ensure that each and every project we oversee performs at its optimum capacity.


Integrated view: We operate and manage your energy assets, lowering overhead and operating costs, especially if you have assets spread nationally.

O&M for bundled solutions: Some of our competitors support only solar projects, some microgrids, others storage, others demand response. Our operations and maintenance extends to all energy assets, making it simpler and more cost effective for you.

One point of accountability: We take responsibility for energy assets through their whole lifecycle to simplify your operations, executing preventative, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and overseeing any contracting partners.

Transparent and regular communications: Expect full transparency. You’ll understand how services will be rendered, as well as the prices behind our work. You’ll get detailed quarterly and annual reports to assess system performance against warranty and expectation milestones.

Leveraging optionality: Far beyond running and maintaining equipment, we exploit capabilities to shave energy peaks, optimize performance and even sell energy back to the grid.

Proactive monitoring: With sophisticated and easy-to-use technology, we are actively monitoring your equipment so that you don’t have to. We watch performance trend lines for signs of failure or even forthcoming failure, evaluating performance in accordance with your technical and business expectations.


Increased asset utilization: Our deep domain expertise means less time offline for your assets, leading to lower overall energy costs, less backup generation and fewer assets overall.

Cost savings: Our scale delivers more purchasing power, reducing the costs of maintenance and repair.

Business resilience: Keeping your energy assets online is key to keeping your business running. Proper and timely maintenance reduces unplanned downtime so assets spend more time operational and are less subject to environmental or cyber risks.

Focus: Free your capital and human resources to concentrate on your core business, and let us solve your energy issues.

What Makes Us Different?

Perspective: With the scale to operate nationally, Edison Energy works across supply and demand to streamline operations and anticipate problems.

Independent: We don’t manufacture products so we are entirely independent and offer best-in-class options for you, regardless of the source — based on your requirements, rather than ours.

Pioneering: Inspired by our 130-year history, we have expertise in both traditional and cutting-edge energy technology.

Innovation: Our team always look to find the best way to meet your unique needs — be it financing, policy, incentives, technology or engineering — we will find the best solution for you.

Operations & Maintenance is just one of the many solutions Edison Energy offers to benefit your organization. We believe that smart energy solutions start with a dialogue — contact us today to connect with one of our energy experts.

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