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88th Texas Legislative Session Overview

The 88th Texas legislative session became a battleground for the energy industry with the introduction of a slew of bills that could disproportionately harm the renewables market.

The most extreme bills initially failed to make it out of House committees, but all were reintroduced by the Senate in the final week of the legislative session as amendments to House Bill 1500 (HB 1500), considered a must-pass bill. Ultimately, some of this legislation was revived in the final 72 hours of the session, but with muted impact to the renewables market. There is still much uncertainty around the future impacts of these bills, subject to future rulemaking and definition around plans for implementation.

Our new white paper explores the failed and passed bills from the 88th Texas legislative session, impacts of the legislation, and IRS guidance updates, including ITC and PTC opportunities under the IRA.

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In this webinar, the Edison Energy Policy and Clean Energy teams will be joined by Andy Moon, Co-Founder and CEO of Reunion to explore recent legislation, regulations and policy trends shaping the North American renewable energy market.

The conversation will cover key insights from our Q2 Renewable Market Update and recent guidance on the Inflation Reduction Act’s clean energy tax credits and bonuses. We will highlight how these policy changes could impact renewable buyers’ procurement strategies and the potential risks they present. We will also discuss the main takeaways of the Treasury’s guidance on tax credit transferability and how corporations can invest in transferable tax credits to contribute to their ESG goals.

Tuesday, August 22 | 1:00PM - 2:00PM ET