Jeff Bolyard

Vice President, Commodity Strategy

Jeff joined Edison Energy’s team of energy experts in 2001. As vice president of gas services for Edison, Jeff not only provides guidance to our gas account managers, but he actively develops and manages energy assets and strategies for many of our clients in the automotive, chemical, aluminum, glass, and plastics industries. He works closely with corporate and plant-level client contacts to thoroughly understand how natural gas is used in their operations, and how they define success as it relates to their energy plan. Jeff believes that the better the client’s energy needs and preferences are understood, the more proactive approach to energy purchasing can be taken. Helping clients understand the appropriate level of risk for their energy strategy is often as important as the cost itself. In the ever-changing landscape of the natural gas business, Jeff uses his experience and knowledge to understand the signs of what is happening in energy markets today, and uses those signals to position clients where they desire to be tomorrow.

To illustrate this point, Jeff has been managing and changing the procurement and hedge strategy for one of the country’s largest automotive manufacturers, which has been a Edison client since 2000. Changing economic conditions of the automotive industry and the energy market required constant modification to the strategy, resulting in significant cost reductions, risk avoidance, and budget assurance for over a decade and a half for this client.

Jeff is passionate about opportunities in emerging fuel technologies and is a member of Clean Fuels Ohio, a non-profit organization that promotes and provides research on the use of cleaner domestic fuels to the transportation industry, government and the general public.

Prior to joining the Edison team, Jeff worked for Columbia Gas Transmission and was an account manager at WPS Energy Services. He has been in the energy industry since 1988, and is experienced in working with both regulated and deregulated sides of the natural gas business. Jeff is a graduate of Mount Vernon Nazarene University with a bachelors degree in Accounting.