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Gregory Boone

Director, Business Integration

I am part of a team which facilitates the data management services for our clients.

I started my career at the company as a power analyst and have held a variety of positions of increasing responsibility. Data management was an afterthought 10 years ago, where as now, we receive RFPs exclusively for those services. It has been rewarding to build a team dedicated to implementing customized approaches to help clients answer the questions, “how do we get the data” and “what do we do once we have it”.

Educational Background

B.S.B.A in Finance – The Ohio State University
M.B.A. – The Ohio State University

Actionable and accurate data is the foundation of any energy program. Edison utilizes technology, but more importantly, we leverage our team of industry experts when assessing and auditing the data. This combination has allowed Edison to establish a robust data management program to provide our clients piece of mind when addressing Cost, Carbon and Complex Choices.