Supply Advisory & Procurement



We create customized, comprehensive strategies that meet client risk and operational objectives while generating savings. Our team of energy experts uses real-time market intelligence to ensure our clients have the latest and most accurate information to develop energy hedging strategies and make critical energy supply purchasing decisions when it matters most. We pinpoint the best supply options for our clients through our competitive bid process with in depth analysis of each supplier, term, pricing product and price component.

Strategize. Optimize. Save.

A partnership that provides peace of mind through accuracy, savings and risk management.

Comprehensive: We take a comprehensive view of risk evaluating cost, volume and supply certainty. To create effective procurement and risk strategies, Edison works with clients to establish a position on each risk element by facility to address all needs across the organization.

Customized: We understand a one-dimensional solution may not properly address operational risk and financial goals of each facility. We work with your team to understand and assess your specific risk profile, at a granular level, to develop a strategy that is best suited for you.

Analysis: A strategy can be effective only if it is implemented with rigor and detail. We break down each cost component and ensure supplier offers are assessed from an “apples to apples” standpoint. Components include basis, fuel, capacity costs, incremental cost, swing, band width, pass through versus fixed costs, ISO costs, contracting risks, etc.

Market Timing: We proactively monitor the market for attractive timing opportunities which allows us to negotiate the best energy supply contracts and maximize savings for our clients.

Ancillary Services:

Rate Analysis – We construct a customized rate model based on the load profile of a facility and available utility rate options, highlighting opportunities for cost savings by switching rates or shifting operations.

Demand Response – We help clients evaluate the benefits and risk of participating in utility or regional demand response program. We facilitate a competitive bid process for a curtailment service provider to maximize a client’s share of capacity payments.

Supply Management – We stand out in the industry for our functional expertise at strategically and reliably buying, selling, balancing and transporting natural gas for our clients. We maintain a natural gas procurement and operations desk with 24-hour on call coverage.

Peace of mind: Rest easy knowing that your energy risk has been identified and mitigated at a facility and portfolio level and that market opportunities are being capitalized on with the implementation of your customized risk and procurement strategy.

Optimized Cost: Speak to your management team with confidence knowing that you have secured the best supplier, product and term length based on your company’s objectives on a facility and portfolio basis. You can expect to see savings of up to 40% compared to previous contract structures.

Portfolio Transparency: Understand the commitments and exposure of your organization at a facility and portfolio level, ensuring the best contracting decisions are consistently being made.

Depth of Experience: Our strategic energy experts average 17 years of experience and have worked with the largest most complex energy consumers in the U.S. Our team comes from a diverse background to ensure we understand a spectrum of energy issues: utilities, pipelines, suppliers, engineers, accountants, purchasing, etc.

Independent: We are independent and therefore unbiased in the evaluation of all technologies, products, suppliers and solutions. We are customer centric and focus on finding the best solution for clients based on their goals.

Integrated Approach: We bring together conventional supply, renewable supply and demand side engineering expertise under one roof. We take a holistic approach to energy consulting ensuring that the sustainable, financial and operational goals of a client are being delivered.

Jeff Bolyard

Vice President, Commodity Strategy

Jeff joined Edison Energy’s team of energy experts in 2001. As vice president of gas services for Edison, Jeff not only provides guidance to our gas account managers, but he actively develops and manages energy assets and strategies for many of our clients in the automotive, chemical, aluminum, glass, and plastics industries. He works closely with corporate and plant-level client contacts to thoroughly understand how natural gas is used in their operations, and how they define success as it relates to their energy plan. Jeff believes that the better the client's energy needs and preferences are understood, the more proactive approach to energy purchasing can be taken. Helping clients understand the appropriate level of risk for their energy strategy is often as important as the cost itself. In the ever-changing landscape of the natural gas business, Jeff uses his experience and knowledge to understand the signs of what is happening in energy markets today, and uses those signals to position clients where they desire to be tomorrow.

To illustrate this point, Jeff has been managing and changing the procurement and hedge strategy for one of the country’s largest automotive manufacturers, which has been a Edison client since 2000. Changing economic conditions of the automotive industry and the energy market required constant modification to the strategy, resulting in significant cost reductions, risk avoidance, and budget assurance for over a decade and a half for this client.

Jeff is passionate about opportunities in emerging fuel technologies and is a member of Clean Fuels Ohio, a non-profit organization that promotes and provides research on the use of cleaner domestic fuels to the transportation industry, government and the general public.

Prior to joining the Edison team, Jeff worked for Columbia Gas Transmission and was an account manager at WPS Energy Services. He has been in the energy industry since 1988, and is experienced in working with both regulated and deregulated sides of the natural gas business. Jeff is a graduate of Mount Vernon Nazarene University with a bachelors degree in Accounting.

John Reid

Vice President, Power Strategy

John has been in the energy management industry since 1992. As the vice president, power services for Edison, John oversees our electric, sustainable and oil commodities account managers, and also actively manages more than $550 million in annual electric spend for clients in the steel, chemical, and automotive industries. John has worked on both the natural gas and electric sides of the energy management business, and his knowledge, experience and analytical skills help him to recommend solutions which result in potential new revenue opportunities and bottom line savings for clients.

As an example, in the first year of working with a world-leading automotive manufacturer client of Edison's, John's astute attention to detail in invoice auditing uncovered several supplier and utility billing issues, the resolution and correction of which led to the recovery of over a quarter million dollars for the facility.

John started his career at Columbia Gas, where he developed economic energy strategies for large commercial and industrial consumers. John also served as the Project Development Engineer for a mechanical contracting firm implementing Energy Conservation Projects for Ohio schools, which allowed schools to make capital improvements to their buildings.

John has a Bachelor’s degree in industrial & systems engineering from Ohio University, and an MBA from the University of Dayton. He has also completed additional training to earn the Chartered Industrial Gas Consultant (CIGC) and Certified Energy Manager (CEM) designations.