Strategic Supply Program Development



Have you been procuring your energy with the same provider in the same manner for years? It is likely time to re-evaluate your approach to ensure you understand your energy risks and have customized strategies in place that best fit the risk profile and financial, operational and sustainability goals of your organization. We will conduct a thorough review of your current energy situation and provide recommendations on what services are best suited for your needs by facility and commodity. Based on those recommendations, we can work with you to develop and implement any of our service offerings across your portfolio, or just select facilities.

Evaluate. Refresh. Optimize.

Ensuring you have the right services performed at the right level at the right time.

Fits your needs: Strategic Supply Program Development is customizable and can range across all service offerings: Procurement and Risk Management, Supply Management (demand response, balancing, operations), Rate Analysis, Invoice Management, Payments (invoices), Audits (invoices) and Reporting.

Establish Best Practices: Working with the largest energy consumers over the last 20 years has uniquely positioned us to partner with clients to create best practices for procurement and risk management. strategies.

Portfolio Transparency: As clients grow via acquisition, it becomes a challenge to manage their energy portfolio. We will help you understand the commitments and exposure of your organization at a facility and portfolio level, ensuring the best contracting decisions are consistently being made.

Test Run: Strategic Supply Program development allows for clients to test our team and see the difference in expertise and service level first hand prior to committing to a long-term service agreement or moving away from the incumbent.

Peace of Mind: Speak to your management team with confidence knowing that you have thoroughly evaluated your energy contracts and have customized strategies in place that best fit the risk profile and financial, operational and sustainability goals of your organization.

Optimized Cost: Often a services contract does not fit the needs of the client well. Through this process, the needs and appropriate service level for each facility will be clearly identified, allowing you to pay for only the services needed. Additional savings may be achieved if Edison develops and implements other service offerings.

Depth of Experience: Our strategic energy experts average 17 years of experience and have worked with the largest most complex energy consumers in the U.S. Our team comes from a diverse background to ensure we understand a spectrum of energy issues: utilities, pipelines, suppliers, engineers, accountants, purchasing, etc.

Independent: We are independent and therefore unbiased in the evaluation of all technologies, products, suppliers and solutions. We are customer centric and focus on finding the best solution for clients based on their goals.

Integrated Approach: We bring together conventional supply, renewable supply and demand side engineering expertise under one roof. We take a holistic approach to energy consulting ensuring that the sustainable, financial and operational goals of a client are being delivered.

Peggy Stassen

Sr. Director, Client Services

Peggy has been in the energy industry since 1997. At Edison, Peggy provides management and direction to our Energy Management supply team. With her background as a natural gas account manager, she is able to stay active in the industry and in tune with client’s needs. She has provided strategic direction for world-leading industrial, aerospace and metal manufacturing clients to optimize their critical energy management needs. These qualities combined help guide the team.

Peggy established her foundation in the energy industry working for a well-known energy services company, where she specialized in conducting tariff and new market analyses for clients. Her next position took her to the energy services division of a multi-state electric utility, where she was responsible for buying 350,000 Dth per day of natural gas for power plants in the northeast and mid-continental regions. She was responsible for scheduling gas on pipelines nationwide to facilitate delivery and satisfy all applicable balancing requirements.

With one of her key strengths being risk management, Peggy designed and implemented a comprehensive risk management strategy for one of Edison’s clients, a decentralized company with approximately 50 sites throughout North America. Her efforts and expertise were recognized by the client, as they invited her to present at a company wide management meeting on the fundamentals of risk management and their plan for the future.

Peggy approaches her clients’ business as if it was her own and is constantly looking for uncovered savings or shopping for the best rate, and guides the team to do so as well. Peggy is a graduate of Miami University with a BS in business.