Supply Solutions

Strategic Procurement, Data Management, and Reporting Services

We create longstanding partnerships with high volume energy consumers on a global scale utilizing a client centric approach to deliver quantifiable value. By leveraging our team of energy experts, we help market leaders establish customized strategic energy procurement plans, navigate risk and opportunities and arrive at solutions that best meet the objectives of the client.


Our Experience

Edison Energy’s Supply Solutions group has been active in the industry since 1997. We provide honest, unbiased advice to consumers of natural gas, power, and other energy commodities, which has earned us the trust of many industry leaders in automotive, metals, plastic, chemical, manufacturing and packaging. The combined experience and expertise of our team allows us to have a deep understand of energy markets, products and infrastructure. We translate that information and create customized solutions that help clients understand their energy risk, control their costs and meet the operational goals of their organization.


International Reach. Local Expertise.


Edison Energy is a founding member of the Energy Experts Alliance. The four-member Alliance network provides a global solution to meet the energy management and data reporting needs of our clients with facilities around the world. We believe it is the ideal business model for providing international account management services coupled with invaluable “home market” expertise from each member of the Alliance. The Alliance covers the following regions: Australasia, Europe, North America and South America. For more information please visit the Energy Experts website: