Strategy & Goal Setting

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Goal setting, such as RE100 or Science Based Targets, is a powerful action that market leaders take to demonstrate their commitment to society. Such commitments require material changes to the ways companies think about their operations, externalities, and fiduciary responsibilities. Edison Energy provides clients with strategies and action plans around applying best practices to specific business contexts to create high impact, achievable goals that drive brand equity and community benefits.

Drive Meaningful Change.

We help clients create change in the world that is most meaningful to stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement: We ensure the goals drive maximum benefit to employees, management, shareholders, local communities and the various non-profits that monitor corporate performance.

Benchmarking: We outline what your direct competitors’ goals are, how they are achieving success, what lessons can be learned from different industries, and what standards are the best fit for your organization.

Internal Education & Alignment: We act as an extension of your team to communicate the intention, metrics, processes and impacts to management so they can make decisions with full context. We believe this is a critical process that helps clients avoid situations of setting public commitments that are difficult to achieve within a given risk-adjusted budget.

Strategy Formation & Milestone Tracking: We use the collective input from your team, supply chain and stakeholders to determine a set of goals, actions and milestones.

The best sustainability initiatives drive reductions in cost and risk across multiple categories to set your organization up for long-term success. The benefits to brand equity are seen through improved customer experience, pricing power, employee acquisition and third party commentary.

We specialize in quantifying the impact to your shareholders, communities and customers so your leadership understands the true costs and benefits from large public commitments.

Christen Blum

Vice President, Renewables & Analytics Advisory

Christen leads the Renewable & Analytics Advisory practices at Edison Energy.  Prior to leading these practices, Christen was the Commercial Director, helping clients structure renewable energy purchase agreements to meet their energy and environmental goals.  Before joining Edison Energy, Christen was Manager of Renewable Transactions at Pacific Gas & Electric Company, the San Francisco based investor-owned utility serving northern and central California.  In this role, Christen led a team negotiating PG&E’s utility-scale renewable and energy storage contracts to meet the state’s RPS and Energy Storage Program targets.

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