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Energy and sustainability programs are ongoing initiatives that benefit from thorough monitoring and interpretation of the data. We empower our clients with continuous reporting and analysis of projects, contracts and facilities so we can communicate the successes internally, and incorporate learnings into future initiatives.

Monitor. Adjust. Maximize.

We provide continuous monitoring, analysis and alerting for energy and sustainability initiatives so you can see the benefits of your hard work.

Executive Compliance: Quarterly business reviews for executive consumption that outline the costs, benefits and risks associated with client energy programs and performance.

Press Release & Media Campaigns: Coordination with the public to create and maintain dialog around goal achievement, market leadership and success stories.

Progress Reports: Asset management, development tracking and reporting so our clients can easily manage the various aspects of their growing energy portfolios to know how best to allocate time and resources.

Audits & Contract Management: Regular audits performed on transactions and assets to monitor billing accuracy, contractual covenants, counterparty risk and accuracy of original business cases used to support initiatives.

Our clients have a treasure trove of data. We help unlock the valuable insights this data yields so their internal stakeholders can make informed decisions, and then translate these actions into specific measurable impacts that external stakeholders appreciate.

We have the benefit of working with the largest, most sophisticated organizations in the world. Our methods have been refined over the years so that our clients benefit from deep technical knowledge that creates direct, clear commercial value.

We embrace technology and advanced analytics to support our talented team in their mission to drive success for our clients.

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