REC & Offset Management



Understand how different environmental products can support your organization’s sustainability goals and reduce environmental impact throughout your global operations.

Measure. Account. Validate.

In addition to controlling the supply and demand of energy, leading organizations use various environmental products to reduce carbon footprints and achieve sustainability goals.

Program Development: We provide our clients with market knowledge and help internal stakeholders to select the right suite of instruments and programs that best meet their sustainability objectives within cost constraints.
These decisions are then integrated into a single program to manage Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

Procurement: With the program in place, we assist our clients with the tactical sourcing of specific instruments needed to fulfill goals. This work is done globally through a network of partners and market participants to ensure are clients are purchasing high quality credits and offsets.

Accounting & Validation: We set up the framework to verify emissions reductions by independent third-parties that are accredited in each jurisdiction in which the project or registry is located. This provides transparency and efficiency for our clients so they can focus their thought leadership on the next challenge.

Making informed decisions reduces the cost of program implementation, avoids misrepresenting progress to stakeholders and puts your organization in the best position to succeed.

Our strong presence in the renewable energy industry provides us with deep knowledge and a strong network of projects from which to procure RECs. Our global network of partners helps to support broader program developments so that our clients stay on the leading edge of best practices.

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