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There are many ways to participate in the growing renewable energy market. Quickly finding the right structures for your organization to participate allows you to unlock the maximum potential renewable energy can offer your organization as one part of your energy portfolio.

Access. Analyze. Diversify.

We help corporations identify the best opportunities to source renewable energy to reduce costs, limit volatility, achieve sustainability goals and decrease exposure to rapidly changing energy markets.

Market Education: We begin all of our engagements with advising clients on the key elements of the different markets and products available so we can collectively make the best choice on where to focus.

Analytics & Risk Management: We are proud of our position as the leading provider of renewable energy analytics in the industry. We empower our clients with these analytics to drive risk-adjusted decisions that give executives full transparency into the range of outcomes that can occur within each strategy.

Transaction Structuring: Based on our long history advising the largest energy buyers in the world, we have a wide range of commercial structures we provide clients with so they can be confident they are getting the exact product they want.

Stakeholder Alignment: Communicating all of the different aspects of the business case can be complicated for many companies. We help our clients outline the core elements of any initiative to their stakeholders, incorporate feedback into the process, and ensure the final results meet internal and external requirements so there are no surprises.

Project Identification: We maintain an active marketplace for buyers to access the fractured market of developers and projects. Our team speaks daily with renewable energy participants so that our clients have current diligence files on counter-parties, project developments, financing processes and market updates. We currently track over 5,000 projects developed, owned and operated by over 500 developers.

Commercial Negotiations: Renewable energy transactions require expertise. We work with your commercial team, as well as internal and external counsel, to get current market terms in place that best protect your organization over the duration of the agreement.

Asset Management & Reporting: Ongoing monitoring, auditing and reporting on projects once they have been signed.

Renewable energy is a unique asset class within the energy industry. Depending on the structure and technology, a given transaction can generate material improvements to predictability in medium and long-term cash flow from operations, decreases in tax expenditure, cost reductions for regulatory compliance, and decreases in commodity exposure.

As the first corporate renewable energy advisor, we pride ourselves on our client engagement process. Our team is made up of experts across the industry, with subject matter expertise in project development, finance, origination, negotiation, analysis, wholesale market design and transmission modeling. We emphasize sharing our experiences and knowledge with clients so they can make informed decisions about specific projects and the broader impact to their business. We couple every decision with qualitative and quantitiative considerations so our clients have the full context of each individual decision.

Our long-term relationships mean we are seen as a trusted extension of our clients’ teams. In this role we work with CFOs, Treasury, Sustainability, Energy, and Facilities. We are proud to have supported our clients procurement of over 3GW in capacity and growing.

Joey Lange

Joey Lange

Senior Director — Client Services

Joey leads the client services team on renewable energy strategy development and execution for several key Edison Energy's clients. In his role, Joey works directly with clients from early stage market assessment through competitive solicitations, finance and risk evaluations, internal approvals and commercial negotiations. Before joining the Edison team, Joey spent 4 years as the Senior Manager for Renewable Energy and Emissions at Walmart. He holds an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin.

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