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Remote Energy Optimization Services: A Case Study Approach

Exploring the Top 3 Virtual Energy Reduction Solutions leading institutions, commercial & industrial companies are currently implementing under COVID-19 restrictions.

In this current landscape, organizations are seeking ways to continually drive energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and optimization, while levering these opportunities to enhance reliability, resiliency and indoor air quality for their sites, campuses, and portfolios.

While Stay-at-Home ordinances limit the ability for site visits, there exists a myriad of remote energy, engineering, optimization, and GHG reduction activities that can be implemented to keep long-term goal attainment on schedule.

Drawing on real-time case studies from three leading institutions, commercial & industrial companies, Edison Energy will explore the key components necessary to craft and execute the below scopes of work in the context of efficiency, optimization, and GHG reduction:

  • Virtual Energy Audit Service
  • Remote Retro-Cx
  • CMMS Optimization

Through these above scopes of work, organizations are able to further goal attainment & achievement of energy and GHG targets, while establishing a permanence to best practices and protocols.


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