Webinar: Why Aligning Renewable and Commodity Energy Purchases Makes Strategic Sense

The growth of renewable energy purchases whether it be on-site solar or off-site wind/solar power purchase agreements forces companies to think of their enterprise load needs 10 or up to 20 years into the future. While these PPAs deliver a more predictable pricing for energy over the long-haul, how should companies optimize their short-term procurement contracts for electricity or gas to meet the balance of their energy load needs? This webinar will explore ways for large energy users to align their commodity and renewable energy strategies to develop the best approach for structuring their commodity and renewable purchases to return the best value to the company’s bottom line.


Duncan McIntyre
President, Altenex

Duncan is President of Altenex, an Edison Energy Company, responsible for leading the day-to-day operations and developing the growth strategy for the business across its renewable energy and wholesale market products and services. Duncan joined Altenex in May 2011. Prior to being named President, Duncan was Senior Managing Director, responsible for Altenex’s client services and energy supply functions, where he led the architecture and build-out of the company’s network of project developers and projects. Prior to joining Altenex, Duncan was at Polaris Ventures, a $3.5 billion venture capital firm where he was responsible for sourcing and managing the fund’s investments in biofuels, solar, wind, fuel cells and smart grid technologies.

Duncan also has significant expertise in the energy supply chain and power markets, through his work at Power Advocate, an energy intelligence company.

Brad Birchfield
Sustainability Energy Manager, Edison Energy

Brad is Energy Manager and Sustainability Manager for Edison Energy’s Commodity and Procurement Group. Brad provides leadership for sustainable, renewable and regulatory energy services. As an energy manager, Brad oversees all aspects of procurement for clients from strategic initiatives to tariff and rate analysis. In his sustainability role, Brad tracks regulatory events at the state and federal level and prepares monthly client-specific reports that breakdown these pending events based on each of the client’s locations.

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