Webinar: What’s in Store in 2017 for Our Nation’s Largest Energy Users as a New Administration Takes Control of our Country’s Energy Policy?

Changes in energy regulatory policies can be disruptive to large energy users. This webinar examines the new team being assembled in Washington that will lead our nation’s energy policy and what this could mean for large energy users. Ward Camp, Edison Energy’s chief regulatory affairs officer, will discuss key policy and regulatory changes that could impact the use and procurement of energy. Brad Birchfield, Delta Energy’s sustainability energy manager, will provide a look-ahead at how changing energy policies could impact electricity and gas pricing, and Timothy Juliani, director of corporate engagement at Altenex, will discuss what impact the new Trump administration could have on the growth of renewable energy.


Ward Camp
Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer
Edison Energy

Brad Birchfield
Sustainability Energy Manager
Delta Energy Services, an EDISON ENERGY® Company

Timothy Juliani
Director of Corporate Engagement
Altenex, an EDISON ENERGY® Company

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