Webinar: The New Energy Future — Making Sense of the Changing Energy Landscape

The energy world is changing at an unprecedented pace. The way large organizations acquire, manage and use energy is dramatically different today than it was ten years ago. And ten years from now, it will likely be different still, as technology, regulatory and business model innovations continue to yield new opportunities for energy management. So how will we power the world of tomorrow? What kinds of business models will prevail?

Edison Energy, through our partners at RED Associates, spent more than a year meeting with hundreds of people who have a hand in energy management at large companies and organizations conducting what is perhaps the most comprehensive study ever done on the role of energy in large organizations and the challenges and changes in corporate energy management.

During this informative webinar, we discuss the key findings from our study highlighting how large energy users think about this changing energy landscape and what they are looking for in terms of strategies and solutions to lower their energy costs across their enterprise.


Tom Comstock
Chief Marketing Officer
Edison Energy

Tom Comstock is the Chief Marketing Officer of Edison Energy. He is responsible for the branding, marketing and strategy of Edison Energy and its portfolio of companies.

Most recently, Tom was Vice President of Global Marketing for the Schneider Electric Software business. Prior to Schneider Electric, Tom Comstock has held senior positions at Dassault Systèmes, Apriso Corporation, Brooks Automation/Software, Sequencia Corporation, Promis Systems and Palette Systems.

Tom holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UCLA, a Master’s degree in Political Science from UC Berkeley, and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Mikkel Krenchel
RED Associates

Mikkel Krenchel is a social theorist who helps corporations make better bets on the human behaviors that underpin performance in the marketplace. He has designed and led strategy projects for a wide range of global companies in industries including energy, telecom, healthcare and technology.

Mikkel has deep expertise in applying both qualitative and quantitative research methods to uncover patterns in our social fabric and drive adoption of new ideas, technologies and offerings. In particular, Mikkel has spearheaded many business-to-business projects, building the practice for using human sciences to understand what actually goes on when companies make decisions and adopt new ideas or technologies.

Mikkel has a degree in Sociology and International Studies from Yale University and is a former national team rower.

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