Webinar: Energy-as-a-Service: Holistic Energy Management To Serve the Largest Energy Users

In the traditional Energy-as-a-Commodity model, electricity came from the utility and the user paid its utility bill. It was monopolistic but simple. More and more, however, the relationship between the energy user and the energy provider is evolving to an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) model that reflects the changes in the way companies procure and use energy within their enterprise.

EaaS offers a way of simplifying the management and use of energy for the largest energy users in the commercial, industrial and institutional segments. EaaS puts the user of energy in control of how they manage energy within their organization by first letting them decide the services they need to achieve their goals, then outsourcing those services to a trusted energy integrator to execute the services with committed outcomes outlined in the services agreement. This webinar will explore the benefits of implementing a holistic energy program based on the EaaS model.

Greg Pool
Managing Director — Power Purchasing Programs
Altenex, an Edison Energy® Company

Tom Comstock
Chief Marketing Officer
Edison Energy

Andrew Mulherkar
Analyst, Grid Edge
GTM Research

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