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The Altenex Market Report – Spring 2017: ISO-NE Market Overview

The report is authored by the Edison Energy Supply Team: Emily Williams, Director of Supply; and Charley Hildt, Energy Supply Analyst.


This article is adapted from the Altenex Market Report – Spring 2017, a comprehensive assessment of the policy, technology, and pricing developments shaping the North American renewable energy market.

ISO-NE Market Overview

About ISO-NE: ISO-NE coordinates the movement of electricity through Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and most of Maine. Created in 1997 and implementing its wholesale electricity market in 1999, ISO-NE offers over a decade of historical wholesale power price information that can be useful in the evaluation of power purchasing options in the region.

ISO-NE at a Glance

As illustrated, wholesale power prices in ISO-NE dipped to record lows in 2016, but have since ticked upward. Prices are expected to continue to slowly trend upward in the near-term. Around-the-clock pricing at ISO-NE NEMA Boston averaged $30.05/MWh in the past 12 months, and is expected to average $34.21/MWh in 2017, based on a combination of early 2017 prices and OTC power forwards, as of late March 2017.

Monthly Historical & Futures Pricing at ISO-NE NEMA BostonGoing forward, forecasters expect a slow but steady rise in natural gas prices. Wholesale power prices are, however, expected to remain low with some winter peaking, as slow growth in energy demand, expansion of renewables, and strong energy efficiency targets moderate power price increases.

What are the advantages of signing a deal in ISO-NE?
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What are the challenges of signing a deal in ISO-NE?
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