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What it takes to get corporate clean energy deals done

GreenBiz Group logoWhere are we now when it comes to clean energy deployment?

Some 5,000 renewable energy power generation projects span the U.S. landscape, ranging from 175-megawatt wind farms to 3-megawatt solar projects, according to renewable energy advisory firm Altenex.

Corporations are already big buyers of all that energy. Big, iconic companies such as Apple, Google, Proctor & Gamble and Mars Inc., interested in moving away from fossil fuel energy to avoid price volatility, lower their energy costs and to satisfy constituents of consumers and shareholders who don’t want to affiliate with a company that adds to global warming.

Notwithstanding the Supreme Court ruling Tuesday to temporarily halt enforcement of the Clean Power Plan, the energy market is moving steadily toward renewables. Stocks of companies involved in coal and oil exploration are plummeting, coal mines are shutting and growing numbers of companies are committing to transition to renewables.

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