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What happens when you look at energy as a controllable cost?

Focus on Suppliers,  by 8th & Walton, featuring Greg Pool, Managing Director — Client Services at Edison Energy:


About 8th & Walton Media

8th & Walton Media evolved as a way to help suppliers become better partners with Walmart — beyond the classroom. We offer several platforms to connect suppliers with the most relevant and important information:

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Focus on Suppliers is hosted by Emmy award-winning journalist, Neile Jones, and is the only TV show designed specifically for Walmart Suppliers.


WalmartNewsNow.com is a 24/7 news website for Walmart suppliers, curating the most relevant content from multiple news sources. Top 8 Headlines is a daily and weekly newsletter that delivers the top retail stories to suppliers from all over the globe.

Retail Details is a robust blog that dives deeper into the current issues facing retailers and suppliers.

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