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“S&P 500’s Carbon Emissions Equal to France, Germany, UK Combined” – The need for better energy management

Environmental Leader logoEnvironmental Leader reported today that the Standard & Poors (S&P) Index Carbon Emitter Scorecard charts the carbon emissions of the S&P 500 equal to that of France, Germany and the UK combined. The role of sustainability in the corporate world has never been more in focus. Additionally, 2015 brought the largest number of Shareholder resolutions related to climate and environmental issues, highlighting the fact that integrating day-to-day business, energy and sustainability into a single coherent approach is fast becoming a central theme for the largest users of energy.

For many large companies, the silos of finance, energy management and sustainability have provided a traditional functional focus to delivering what was important to each of them but often has lead to binary choices of X OR Y for anything beyond what is mandated. In many respects, the S&P report underpins the need for what I call “AND” conversations to take place. The rapid evolution of energy technologies — while complex — is without a doubt making new choices increasingly more cost effective and able to support sustainability goals. These goals were once the preserve of “progressive” organizations, but are now mainstream — and once S&P starts talking about it, you know things are serious!

So, if your Board, CEO or CFO hasn’t yet asked, “How do we stack up and what are we doing?”, then be prepared for the call. If you are the Board, the CEO or the CFO and you haven’t yet asked, “How do we stack up?”,  then maybe it’s time to start.

Edison Energy is at the forefront of these conversations with the largest energy users — maybe your conversation could start with them?

S&P 500’s Carbon Emissions Equal to France, Germany, UK Combined
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