Paterson School District Goes Solar

At the beginning of April our team attended a ribbon cutting ceremony at Paterson’s School 9 in order to celebrate the completion of a rooftop solar project that spanned 10 schools in the Paterson School District in New Jersey.

In addition to the rooftop solar work, other energy savings measures  that were implemented at School 9 included LED lighting upgrades and occupancy sensors, replacing the steam traps, and making upgrades to the boiler and weather stripping.

Students and teachers on the roof of School 9 (Photo: Ed Rumley/Paterson Press)

This initiative was part of a larger Energy Savings Program where a set of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) were developed and implemented across 17 schools in the Paterson School District. The Program is an established offering from New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities Clean Energy Program and rewards large energy using public customers who comprehensively upgrade their facilities through investments in energy efficiency.

Edison Energy served as the owner’s representative, acting as the owner’s “eyes and ears”: on site, throughout project duration. While solar installations alone are expected to generate up to $20.2 million in energy savings, additional energy conservation measures identified by our team could result in annual utility savings of 2,931,324 kWh of electricity and 209,671 therms of natural gas annually.

A Lower Carbon Footprint

The savings will also result in a net reduction of greenhouse gases and will reduce the district’s carbon footprint by 5,712,172 lbs of CO2 annually, which is equivalent to: