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Oded J. Rhone takes helm of Edison Energy, with a focus on providing clients with comprehensive energy and sustainability services

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BOSTON, MA, USA, January 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Edison Energy LLC has named Oded J. Rhone its new CEO, with plans to expand its energy services and sustainability advisory practice for organizations seeking to save energy and cut carbon.

Rhone is a long-time executive at Edison Energy’s parent company, Edison International, and a former wind energy developer. “His leadership, vision and extensive experience in the energy industry will help move Edison Energy forward as a recognized leader in providing solutions to the complex choices faced by large energy users,” said Drew Murphy, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development at Edison International.

Edison Energy helps organizations manage costs, carbon and increasing complex choices facing their energy supply and demand needs. It designs and helps implement energy portfolios that can address the integration of renewables, manage overall energy supply and execute energy efficiency, conservation, and optimization programs. Edison Energy advises clients to help quantify the risks and enhance shareholder value from increasingly dynamic and sustainable energy portfolios.

“Our focus is on helping organizations achieve their targets for reducing energy consumption and lowering their carbon footprints. We also see an increasing opportunity to help organizations set sustainability goals to meet their strategic objectives,“ Rhone said.

The company recently helped Honda negotiate an innovative “collar” agreement that limits its risk from energy price fluctuations, while slashing CO2 emissions by buying enough wind and solar energy to cover over 60% of the electricity Honda uses in North America.

“Our clients have more energy decisions to make than ever, driven by increasing complexity and cost, a real desire to reduce their emissions and fast evolving technologies, regulations and policies,” Rhone said.

“Edison Energy’s expertise, client-centric focus, and integrated approach help our clients navigate this changing landscape. We provide independent and objective insights to identify strategic choices around the long-term implications of energy and sustainability goals, the value and risks of energy investments, and the optimization of energy costs, market risks and GHG emission reduction. This approach allows us to craft and implement integrated strategies that best meet the needs, goals, and objectives of our clients in the evolving energy market,” he said.

Rhone, who has been serving in a leadership capacity at Edison Energy since last September, was previously vice president of M&A and Corporate Development at Edison International, where he led development of new growth opportunities for the parent company.

Before that he was vice president of development at Edison Mission Energy, at the time a subsidiary of Edison International, where he focused on the development of renewable energy projects. In that role, he oversaw the company’s wind energy development program.

Rhone joined Edison Capital, an Edison International affiliate, in 1990, working in a variety of areas including affordable housing, project finance, and leasing operations. He then headed Edison Capital’s office in Washington, D.C., where he was responsible for the company’s activities in Latin America.

Rhone also worked at Washington, D.C.-based Emerging Markets Partnership, where he originated, executed and oversaw private equity investments in Latin America and Central Europe. Rhone’s investment activities were in infrastructure companies and projects, where he executed transactions in the energy, natural resources and telecommunications sectors.

Rhone holds a bachelor’s degree in economics, summa cum laude, from the University of California – Los Angeles, where he also earned an MBA in finance.

About Edison Energy
Edison Energy LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Edison International, is an independent advisor for commercial and industrial energy users, delivering comprehensive, data-driven and integrated global energy solutions. Edison Energy provides a full-suite of sustainability-driven & energy management capabilities including specialized delivery services in portfolio analytics, supply procurement solutions, renewables and sustainability, and demand management, engineering, and implementation solutions, to help organizations manage costs, carbon and the increasingly complex choices of today’s energy environment.


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Source: Oded J. Rhone takes helm of Edison Energy, with a focus on providing clients with energy and sustainability services