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Is it time for your company to outsource energy management?

The idea of engaging outside experts to manage power procurement across multiple locations more efficiently isn’t anything new. It’s a process that energy services companies have specialized in for many years.

Still, fewer than half of big companies officially use outside experts for data or strategy, which could be limiting the potential to curtail their power consumption or spending, according to recent research by advisory services firm Edison Energy.

“Most energy managers believe that the vendors and providers in the current energy services space aren’t capable of providing guidance on the full spectrum of challenges and solutions relevant to large organizations,” the company notes in its report. “A full 41 percent of companies surveyed cited the lack of a credible partner as a major barrier to new investments in energy.”

Naturally, Edison Energy would love an opportunity to fill that void. The organization, which is owned by the same holding company that owns Southern California but isn’t a regulated or related business, officially launched in March with headquarters in Irvine, California.

It sells “energy as a service” — an arrangement under which it assumes ongoing energy management responsibilities for its clients.

At a basic level level, that means negotiating more consistent prices across multiple sites. It also means, however, keeping on top of energy policies and incentives and helping companies evaluate whether investments in energy storage or clean power technologies such as solar or wind make sense for a client.

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