Integrating Offsite Renewables into a Holistic Energy Management System

North American Clean EnergyWe have reached a point where most businesses are aware of, and accept as truth, renewable energy’s environmental and financial benefits. Until recently, however, renewable’s upfront investment was too great for many organizations to even consider implementation. The availability of onsite solar power purchase agreements (PPAs), where developers absorb all of the initial costs in exchange for “ownership” of the power generated, has created a viable option for commercial and industrial (C&I) entities to reap the benefits of renewable energy.

While onsite PPAs have broadened the availability of renewable energy, many organizations don’t have the space or appropriate infrastructure to house onsite renewable projects. This market gap has spurred the growth of offsite renewable PPA offerings, and third-party consultants to help companies determine what makes the most sense for their unique business needs. The combination of the two have generated broader appeal and adoption of renewable energy for a wide range of companies.

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