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Finding the right renewable energy project: The importance of comprehensive market access

Smart Energy Decisions logoThe corporate, industrial and institutional renewable energy market continues to accelerate as more and more organizations look to reduce electricity costs, control energy price volatility and address greenhouse gas emissions. Properly selected, analyzed and structured renewable energy supply does all of that.

But it isn’t easy. The direct renewables market remains opaque and complex in many ways, slowing organizations’ efforts. In this piece, we’ll dive into one of those complexities — market access — that can, managed properly, be turned into an asset for renewable energy buyers.

“How do I tell senior leadership I found the best project for us?”

About a year ago, I was talking with the senior environmental officer of a Fortune 500 company that was (and remains) an established, experienced leader on voluntary greenhouse gas reductions. But they hadn’t done much with renewable energy yet. When I asked what their current renewables thinking was, the officer replied, “I get six to eight calls from project developers each week, all wanting to pitch me on a specific project. I’ve never heard of most of them, and they all call back eight to ten times. We don’t know how to find what we need.”

In a different conversation, an experienced energy manager told me his company’s renewables effort had foundered when they received only a dozen responses to an request for proposals. The responses seemed to be in a mix of different performance metrics, which make comparisons difficult, and none appeared to offer the economic value the company was anticipating.

These are not unique experiences.

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