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Edison Int’l Says Launch of New Broker-Consultant Edison Energy Fueled By Lack of “Trusted Partners”

Formed By Three Recent Acquisitions, Edison Int’l Says Launch of New Broker-Consultant Edison Energy Fueled By Lack of “Trusted Partners” For C&I Customers

Edison International formally launched its new energy management, broker, and consulting company yesterday, Edison Energy, revealing that Edison Energy has made three recent acquisitions to jumpstart the business.

Specifically, Edison Energy has acquired:

• Altenex, based in Boston, Mass., — A provider of comprehensive renewable energy advisory and procurement services to its clients, featuring a proprietary market access platform where over 500 renewable energy developers with more than 4,500 wind, solar, biomass and hydro projects compete for their clients’ business. The company typically negotiates long-term power purchase agreements for renewable energy on behalf of their large corporate clients.

• ENERActive Solutions, based in Asbury Park, N.J. — A full- service energy consulting, engineering, and project development firm specializing in the analysis, design, development, and installation of energy efficiency projects, building system optimization projects, and power generation solutions for optimization and environmental control. Clients include colleges, universities, K-12 schools, government, high tech/data centers, industrial sites, hospitals and health care facilities.

• Delta Energy Services, based in Dublin, Ohio — A provider of custom energy consulting services to large energy users, typically corporations with at least $1 billion in revenue. Consulting areas include energy procurement, energy data management, renewable energy integration and energy policy analysis.

The acquisition of Delta Energy Services had been first reported by RetailEnergyX.com exclusively in January.

Edison Energy combines these three firms with SoCore Energy, a Chicago-based provider of commercial and industrial solar portfolio development that was acquired by Edison International in 2013.

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