Edison Energy Supports Boston University in Reaching Climate Action Goals

Boston University (BU) recently announced a very large power purchase agreement, which will meet their full electricity demand and bring them closer to their Climate Action Goal of being carbon neutral by 2040. The PPA allows BU to purchase 205,000 MWh of wind energy annually, enough to power 25,280 homes in the US per year for 15 years starting in 2020. BU will receive and retire the associated 205,000 Green-e Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) generated from the wind farm to claim credit for the emissions reduction from the wind farm.

Edison Energy took the lead in conducting a competitive solicitation as the University’s energy purchasing consultant, using criteria established by the Climate Action Plan Task Force to source projects from four different regions of the country. South Dakota was ultimately established as the location of the wind farm, as the location was determined to have the greatest impact on global emissions. For more information on Boston University and the process behind this project, check out BU’s sustainability website.

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