Edison Energy Collaborates with BRC on Risk Mitigation Report

Given the magnitude of changes occurring to the grid, regulatory framework, and technology space, energy is one of the largest risks to and opportunities for companies today. In particular, the renewable energy market is a perfect example of how market leaders can demonstrate the responsibility they take as global stewards of our environment. The rapid growth in the industry has caught the attention of stakeholders across varying disciplines, both internal and external. The level of dialogue between sustainability, executives, treasury and finance has increased 10x over the last year alone, as corporate leaders apply their skills to the decision making.

At Edison Energy, taking a measured approach to the identification, quantification and mitigation of long-term risk for energy buyers, particularly for renewables contracts, is critically important to us and our market leaders. Accomplishing this without putting shareholders at risk is vital for the long-term, sustained growth of the market. This report lays out many of the strategies available today for effective risk management.

We are honored to have contributed to the development of such a relevant and critical piece of work that addresses the need for more risk mitigation solutions in a rapidly diversifying corporate market.

Check out the Risk Mitigation Guide’s Executive Summary here.

Read the press release here.

Access to the full report is for RMI Business Renewables Center (BRC) members only, and may be obtained through their online member portal HERE.