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Edison Energy Advises Hershey as They Work Towards Achieving Their Science Based Targets

This Earth Week, The Hershey Company announced two new solar agreements that would help bring them one step closer to achieving their Science Based Targets: reducing Scope 1 & 2 emissions by more than 50% (and Scope 3 by 25%) by 2030. Acting as a consultant, the Edison Energy team worked with Hershey every step of the way throughout the process, from helping them assess their options to sourcing the right partners, to finalizing the agreements.

With these two solar projects—in Camden, NC and Denton, TX—Hershey aims to not only reduce their environmental impact and offset carbon emissions but to also provide jobs to the local communities.

We are proud to have worked with Hershey on these initiatives, especially this Earth Week, where we are reminded that we can all do our part to help reduce our carbon footprint and be good stewards of the earth.

Read Hershey’s full blog post here.