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Alissa Yakali of Honda Development and Manufacturing America wins the 2021 Spirit of the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) Award

Edison Energy congratulates Alissa Yakali, our partner at Honda Development and Manufacturing America, for being named as the recipient of the 2021 Spirit of Suppliers Partnership for the Environment Award!

This award recognizes and celebrates individual members who visibly embody SP’s values and have made outstanding contributions to the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment community. Alissa Yakali was recognized as a constant advocate for SP and enthusiastic volunteer of her time and energy in support of the organization’s mission.  She was noted for leading and supporting her company’s engagement across a wide range of SP initiatives, including serving on SP’s Executive Committee as Membership Chair, while also leading collaborative initiatives focused on supply chain carbon reduction as well as chemical process management.

To learn more, visit 2021 SP Awards Program – Suppliers Partnership for the Environment.