With Honda’s 2% annual emissions reduction expectation, it is critical to have an energy roadmap in place.

Honda Automotive has rolled out a new Supplier Scorecard that includes sustainability and energy requirements:

  • Report greenhouse gas emissions annually
  • Source or generate onsite renewable energy
  • Implement a 10-year absolute CO2 reduction plan and achieve 2% absolute annual emissions reductions

Honda’s Green Excellence Program, powered by Edison Energy, is a no-cost program created to help you identify and move energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to implementation. So, let’s get started!

Program at-a-glance:

Diagnose: Edison Energy will work with you to identify projects and methods for emission reductions, no matter where you are in your emission reduction journey.

Prescribe: We have partnered with Manufacture 2030 to leverage their best-in-class platform to create and host a tailored roadmap to achieve your goals.

Deliver: We will provide you the implementation support you need to ensure project success. We know how projects get stalled; let us help you overcome these obstacles.