Edison Energy provides independent, expert advice and solutions to help large corporate, industrial, and institutional clients better understand and navigate the choices and risks of managing energy. We enable decision-makers in organizations to deliver on their strategic, financial, and sustainability goals. Through a comprehensive portfolio approach, we work with our clients to help them resolve the key challenges of cost, carbon, and the increasingly complex choices in energy.

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Edison Energy's Global Renewables Market Update is a comprehensive assessment of current power purchase agreement (PPA) pricing developments, policy updates, insights on PPA evaluation, and trends shaping the global renewable energy market.

As part of its commitment to reducing supply chain emissions, Honda has engaged Edison Energy to provide complimentary resources to guide suppliers in their sustainability journey.

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Contact us to set up a 1:1 conversation with Edison Energy’s subject matter experts.

in your energy journey.

Learn about sustainability and how to scale up your company’s environmental action through the resources below

Energy 101

  • Scope 1/2/3 Emissions Overview 
  • Renewable Energy and the Grid
  • Energy Audits

Energy 201

Energy 401

  • Virtual Power Purchasing Agreements (vPPAs)
  • Process, Building, and Vehicle Electrification
  • Process Heating Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
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Disclosure to Decarbonization: A Guide to Setting and Achieving Your Climate Goals

In our new white paper, we explore why an integrated approach is essential to achieving business goals and sustainability ambition, what it looks like to put this approach into practice, and how sustainability leaders can use this approach to avoid roadblocks, engage key stakeholders, and drive tangible impact. 

Edison Energy's Renewables Market Update Q1 - 2023How industrial companies can decarbonize without compromise

One of Edison Energy’s energy optimization experts Bill Bach talks about his approach to consulting with industrial companies and helping them develop comprehensive energy management strategies.

Edison Energy is a sustainability and energy advisor, committed to promoting a sustainable, resilient, and equitable future.

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Powering Decarbonization

An 8-session webinar series designed to engage supply chain partners on their sustainability journey.

All Honda suppliers are welcome to extend the invitation to their suppliers as well.  

Each of the educational sessions are unique and build on learnings from the prior session.

Join in at the point that matches where you are in your sustainability journey.


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