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Green Mic

An Edison Energy, Alfa Energy, and Altenex Energy Podcast

Welcome to Green Mic, where we invite you in to the most compelling conversations happening in clean energy and sustainability today. Step into the room with a powerhouse lineup of hosts and guests who do the things you want to know about.

We’re on the cusp of the clean energy revolution.

It’s a time of transition, innovation, and transformation. Countries all over the world are stepping up to embrace a clean energy future, phasing out fossil fuels, deploying renewable energy technologies, and making bold climate commitments.

Today, we are harnessing power from the sun, the wind, the earth, and the ocean. Today, we are moving towards a more equitable society, prioritizing environmental justice, energy access, and clean, reliable energy for every community.

Let us introduce you to the trailblazers who are making it happen. We’re sitting down with the best and the brightest, the pioneers and the disruptors. We’ll talk to innovators and organizers, developers and policymakers, advisors, and investors.

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Meet our host

Elana Knopp

Manager, Content & Communications

My primary responsibilities include leading content development, creating thought leadership pieces with Edison team members and industry experts, and crafting client engagement & communications strategies.

I’ve been an investigative reporter for most of my career, covering New Jersey politics, social justice issues, education, and the environment. I also served as the communications director for an environmental organization in New Jersey. Most recently, I served as a renewable energy reporter covering a lot of the projects and initiatives that encompass Edison’s work. In fact, I DID cover Edison’s work!

I am the recipient of several journalism awards, including from the New Jersey Press Association (NJPA) and the Garden State Journalists Association. I have also been recognized by Montclair University’s Center for Cooperative Media, featured in Politico’s New Jersey Playbook, and have served as a guest lecturer at Rutgers University.

A successful journalist must have exceptional reporting and writing skills, a rapport with people from all walks of life, mega street smarts, superhuman tenacity and VERY thick skin. I’d like to think I’m bringing that to my work here at Edison!

Educational Background

B.A. in English - Rutgers University

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