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Fleet Charging Infrastructure: Medium & Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Medium and heavy-duty trucks make up approximately 4% of vehicles in the United States but account for 26% of the transportation sector’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Many states are enacting regulations and policy aiming to push fleet owners of medium and heavy-duty vehicles toward zero emission vehicles (ZEVs).

In the data sheet below, learn how Edison Energy’s Transportation Electrification team can help you navigate reducing your fleet’s emissions and your charging infrastructure project.

Download the data sheet here.


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With passenger, or light-duty, EVs finding their groove in the transportation industry, the electrification transition has begun to turn more towards medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (MHDVs). As U.S. sales and registrations of MHDVs continue to rise, so too will electricity demand to charge vehicles.

In our recent blog, we explore potential solutions to help mitigate the impact of MHDV charging activities.


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