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Our Ongoing Commitment

At Edison Energy, we are not only taking action to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization but also reevaluating how we advocate for social justice and drive meaningful change through our business practices and the partnerships we forge. As the burden of climate change is disproportionally felt by communities of color and low-income communities that currently have limited access to the clean energy transition benefits, we are committed to partnering across the clean energy industry and the energy industry as a whole to address these inequalities.
Oded J. Rhone, CEO, Edison Energy

Let’s Get to Work

We’ve spent time self-reflecting and want to share our ongoing commitment to elevating diversity and inclusion within our company. Our people are what drive us, and our goal is to cultivate a sense of belonging and create a team where everyone feels like they are part of just that – a team. At Edison Energy, we welcome individuals of varying backgrounds, perspectives, strengths and strive for diversity in race, gender, sex, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability.

We have taken some immediate actions to demonstrate further our continued support and commitment to advancing our overall Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy.

Below is a summary of current DEI initiatives that Edison Energy has already implemented, along with additional practices our team has in the pipeline and ready to bring to action:

  • DEI Taskforce: We created a DEI Taskforce to define and develop DEI goals, priorities, and help set a strategy going forward. Some key initiatives include:
    • DEI Roadmap: Collaborating directly with our HR team, the Taskforce has identified external partners to help us build our roadmap and strategies.
    • Facilitated Discussion: Members of our Taskforce will facilitate companywide sessions to discuss our DEI commitments and goals, gain insight from our employees, and share best practices and tools.
  • DEI Corporate Alliances: Edison Energy is actively engaging and aligning with partners who are equally committed to keeping DEI at the forefront of their business. We are proud to be a member of “Renewables Forward” and encourage you to check out this recent press release announcing their HR Playbook launch.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training: In 2021, we will introduce training to understand how we can better advocate and integrate DEI into our practices and how our team will benefit from a strong DEI program.
  • Hiring Practices: HR has prioritized and expanded the platforms used for posting jobs on recruiting sites, allowing for greater access to candidates with diverse backgrounds. On this front, we are sourcing relevant data analytics to provide visibility into our hiring practices and track relevant metrics to help us measure impactful diversity goals.
  • Leadership Meetings: The DEI Taskforce will participate in Quarterly Business Reviews and Leadership meetings to engage and update the extended leadership team on DEI efforts, progress, and status. This forum will enable the Taskforce to partner with and seek leadership feedback on additional call-to-action items.
  • Quarterly DEI Newsletter: We believe that real change starts with open dialogue. As such, the Taskforce is publishing a companywide quarterly DEI newsletter to provide tools, resources, and updates to ensure open lines of communication and collaboration.
  • Community Support through Charitable Donations: In addition to offering employees the opportunity to continue their participation in the Edison Energy employee matching gift program in 2021, the company is committed to doing more. We will spotlight a charity of the quarter from our DEI champion, where the awarded champion will select a DEI relevant charity to which EE will donate on behalf of that individual.

Ongoing Partnership with Edison International (EIX)

Edison Energy continues to leverage and collaborate with our parent company to power even more meaningful change within our team and across the community. We have been holding ourselves accountable to those commitments and we encourage you to explore EIX’s recently published 2020 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion report. The report details progress on DEI commitments as well as areas of improvement.

We’re Listening

While these are just some initial steps to advance our DEI journey, we look forward to expanding and improving upon our efforts. This is just the beginning, and we encourage you to connect with us, reach out, and share your perspective. We want to hear from you – come join our mission to change the way the world views energy.

Real connections, real people, real experience applied to everything we do.

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