Our approach to system optimization and energy conservation has been refined and proven through the course of thousands of projects. Based on field testing conducted by experienced field engineering subject matter experts, coupled with data acquisition, intelligent analytics and fault detection diagnostics, we provide a level of clarity that allows the executive leadership of the companies we serve to develop a full understanding of where improvements can be made, both materially and from a resource, personnel basis.

Low Cost. Significant Savings.

At Edison, we find that optimization based engineering solutions very often can bring about a greater impact at a higher return than even the most sophisticated capital investments in energy infrastructure. When capital intensive projects are being considered, RCx allows for the most effective deployment of investment, boosting performance and ROI.

Technology Integrators: We leverage field engineering and data analytic fault detection diagnostic expertise to identify the most valuable action items for our customers with the greatest level of assurance and integrity of savings quantification.

Streamlined: By maintaining our own NEBB/NIST-certified equipment, we are able to test and verity the operation of your equipment and systems with our in-house team of performance engineering subject matter experts.

Comprehensive: Rigorous process of field engineering and performance testing – forensic in nature.

Work-Order Ready: Our engineers have the experience and capability turn-keying corrective actions resulting from our analysis. The direction and solutions we provide are work order ready – both constructible and cost effective – maximizing the value to you while driving down the price of the implementation as well as expediting the completion.

Low/no-cost solutions: We help you discover simple, inexpensive ways to favorably impact your bottom line and restore systems to their optimal state.

Holistic improvements: Beyond energy savings, we identify potential improvements including indoor air quality, addressing system redundancy requirements as well as operational and maintenance savings enhancements.

Redefining Performance: Creates a new baseline of performance to compare capital investments in energy and facility infrastructure allowing you to deploy money in the smartest manner possible.

Implementors: Staffed with Construction Professionals, we are uniquely qualified to turnkey the identification and resolution of identified deficiencies, allowing for the seamless transition and completion of the implementation

ROI: We aggregate both operational enhancements and capital energy improvements to forge an optimal, integrated set of recommendations.

Credentialed: We’re one of only 22 U.S. companies to be NEBB Certified in Retro-commissioning, Testing and Balancing as well as New Construction Commissioning by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB). We’re also certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, the Building Commissioning Association and numerous other industry groups.