NYSERDA’S P-12 Schools Initiative – Benchmarking Program

Educational facilities are being challenged to improve the learning experience for students while also striving to meet stringent energy standards to create a healthy and productive learning environment.


Our Demand Solutions team has the personnel and experience to help your school develop a tailored approach to energy conservation, facility operation, maintenance and sustainability to meet the expectations of parents and students alike.

In partnership with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s (NYSERDA’s) Pre-kindergarten through Grade 12 (P-12) Schools Initiative, we are assisting schools with lowering their energy use and utility costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Program Background:

NYSERDA’s P-12 Schools Initiative is launching a Benchmarking Program, which will provide free benchmarking services to eligible schools. Benchmarking your school building will help you to better understand your buildings energy usage and utility costs over time relative to other similar buildings. In addition, benchmarking your school building establishes a baseline of your energy use and helps you identify inefficiencies, maximize energy performance and support financial planning and budgeting. Throughout the Benchmarking Program, you will receive periodic benchmarking updates that summarize your schools’ utility and sustainability performance metrics over time.

In addition to the Benchmarking Program, NYSERDA currently has several funding programs schools can take advantage of right now to help reduce their energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions specific to:

  • Energy Efficiency and Management
  • Clean Heating and Cooling
  • Cleaner, Local Power Generation
  • Green Buildings
  • Clean Transportation

For more information, visit the P-12 Schools Initiative website or contact Thelma Arceo at P12Benchmarking@EdisonEnergy.com or 718-275-1536.


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