Energy Program Consulting



A holistic energy program and plan helps you save money, increases efficiency and mitigates risk. Edison Energy looks closely at supply, demand, operational and organization metrics and works with you to develop a comprehensive energy management strategy and customized program – a plan of prioritized action steps. As part of this, we identify, quantify and analyze risk inherent in your energy portfolio.

Complexity, Simplified.

We provide you with the innovative advisory and engineering services that elevate value in the creation or updating of your Energy Master Plan or Program goals and objectives.

Comprehensive: We are experienced in all technologies energy supply and demand, engineering O&M practices, fault detection and diagnostics, and human factors/energy awareness, and combine them to optimize performance and maximize savings for you.

Strategic: Our approach provides independent and objective insights and elevates strategic dialogue around the long-term implications of energy and sustainability goals, the value and risks of energy investments, and the optimization of key metrics such as total energy cost, market risks and GHG emission reduction.

Insight-driven: We leverage nationwide expertise in incentives, tariffs, regulatory
& policy trends and pricing dynamics.

Flexible: Many companies have an energy strategy or program already developed. We build
on that work or start from scratch to develop a detailed, prioritized master plan. Throughout the process, we provide full transparency.

Implementable: Because of our deep energy and engineering expertise, all of our
recommendations we know to be readily deployable.

Visioned Approach: We deploy a two-phased process whereby a first phase of vision and strategy development (Discovery Session) is followed by a second phase of tactical development and technical analysis for the crafting and implementation of the measures that will derive value for both cost savings, environmental directives, and sustainability initiatives across your portfolio, in a prioritized manner.

Cost savings: An Energy Master Plan reviews your organization’s overall energy management and identifies ways to reduce energy costs—by up to 30-50% over the next 10 years. If you choose us as an implementation and integration partner, we will
commit to specific outcomes.

Resilience and predictability: We help you understand your
risks around price volatility and supply disruptions and how to mitigate them.

Confidence: With your customized plan and our support, you can go to your executives or the Board with recommendations you know are optimal, implementable and financeable.

Risk mitigation: Know the risks inherent in your energy policies and how to reduce risk now and into the future.

Independent: We don’t manufacture products so we are entirely unbiased, and offer best-in-class options for you, regardless of the source.

Comprehensive and integrated: We are deeply experienced in the market, regulatory policies, and energy technologies, allowing us to prioritize what projects make sense in which geographies over time. Also, because we have a holistic, integrated view of energy—covering supply, demand and
operations—we deliver more value to you.

Business-oriented: Energy investments often require capital and approval of forward-looking pricing assumptions. We know how to translate energy and sustainability insights into actionable recommendations for your finance organization.

Multiple implementation models: We work with you to structure a program that results in the complete turnkey delivery of energy projects. Whether in an advisory, design build role, project management/construction management, or third party oversight and commissioning, our focus is to help you receive the energy savings you need, in a platform most complimentary to your business.