Energy Audits

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Whether you’re managing multiple sites, campuses or a single building, it’s essential to know where and how your facility could be more energy-efficient. An Edison Energy Energy Audit provides all your key energy cost and usage metrics and recommends a portfolio of both immediate and long-term projects to boost efficiency and overall system optimization. We then plan, design, implement, measure and verify solutions to ensure efficiency and savings for our customers.

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By thoroughly reviewing your facility and systems, we provide a roadmap to energy efficiency, savings system optimization, better indoor air quality, enhanced reliability and sustainability.

Key energy costs/usage metrics: Our Energy Audit reviews your key energy cost and usage metrics and provides planning and implementation of projects to boost energy efficiency—both immediately and over time. Audits can be executed once or on a recurring basis.

Implementation: We have all the talent and technology needed to plan, design, implement and provide measurement and verification of all of the recommended projects.

Scalable: An analysis can range from a high-level walk-through to an investment grade audit that exceeds ASHRAE Level I, II or III parameters.

Customizable: We can target a system, area, facility or entire enterprise.

Robust reports: Both energy and financial performance metrics are developed, analyzed and optimized.

Savings: Get implementable recommendations for immediate operational-based savings right away and a portfolio of suggested capital improvement projects.

Sustainability and compliance: Our recommendations can help you achieve both your internal performance and efficiency goals as well as LEED® certification and numerous other compliances and certifications.

Comprehensive: After the audit, we can provide design, implementation, financial incentive solutions and full measurement and verification, including a one year verification that efficiency/savings results were realized.

ROI: We aggregate both capital energy improvements with operational enhancements to forge an optimal, integrated set of recommendations.

Innovation: We find the best way to meet our customers’ unique needs—be it financing, policy, incentives, technology or engineering.

Customer-centric: Edison Energy considers and cares about your needs and concerns. We craft a fluid, flexible solution to address projects of any scope.

Collaborative: From the start, we engage key constituents during every phase of the process, leveraging our 3,000+ years of collective experience and specific expertise to enhance the success of the project.

Results-oriented: We set forth with end goals in mind. Therefore, our approach is to provide actionable, clear recommendations along with complete implementation assistance for our customers.

Entrepreneurial: Edison Energy offers the creativity and nimbleness of a small firm and the financial stability of a Fortune 500 parent company with over 130 years of energy innovation