Edison Energy provides independent, global advisory solutions to help large corporate, industrial, and institutional clients better understand and navigate the choices, opportunities, and risks that will arise from the transition to a net zero future. As stakeholder expectations around corporate sustainability increase, Edison helps companies rise to this challenge by designing and implementing individualized strategies, projects, and programs across sustainability, renewables, transportation electrification, energy optimization, and energy supply. Edison Energy enables organizations to deliver on their strategic, financial, and sustainability goals by addressing today’s key energy challenges: carbon, cost, complexity, and creating energy justice across communities.

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Disclosure to Decarbonization:

Today, sustainability plays an increasingly vital role in corporate strategy and operations, with expectations on sustainability leaders growing as climate risks become more material. As those expectations grow, many organizations are encountering challenges as they endeavor to turn their sustainability goals into concrete, impactful initiatives.

The process of developing smart strategies, getting buy-in from leadership and stakeholders, and mapping out decarbonization pathways can drive home the scale of changes – and investments - that will be required to achieve bold climate goals and overcome existing challenges. As a result, sustainability leaders must shift their approach from one built around data disclosures and lofty but abstract goals, to one built for implementation and impact from the very beginning.

Corporate sustainability initiatives like renewable electricity paired with storage, fleet electrification, and supply chain decarbonization have tremendous potential to drive positive change for the environment and for companies and industries.

This paper will lay out why an integrated approach is essential to achieving business goals and sustainability ambition, what it looks like to put this approach into practice, and how sustainability leaders can use this approach to avoid roadblocks, engage key internal and external stakeholders, and drive tangible impact for a more sustainable world.

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A Guide to Setting and Achieving Your Climate Goals

We meet your organization wherever you are in your sustainability journey, help you understand what you can achieve, and support you in the execution of your ambitious vision accomplishing your sustainability goals.


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