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Tracking Sustainability and Efficiency at Virginia Military Institute


Edison Energy’s Engineering Solutions team was contracted by Virginia Military Institute (VMI) to install submeters for 23 Institute buildings to monitor each of the building’s electricity, natural gas, and steam usage. The energy monitoring initiative was implemented to help the Institute keep tabs on energy consumption as well as to easily identify and minimize waste. All of the submeters feed into the energy dashboard via one software program, creating a unique, user-rich experience through an interactive campus map that allows for continual real-time monitoring of building energy use and process status.

Project Results & Key Metrics:

23 submeters installed

  • Used to track electricity, steam and natural gas usage

Approx. $275,000 received in grants

Expected drop in energy consumption of 5 to 20 percent

EAS VMI-VEM CaseStudy image

Maj. Jenny deHart and Maj. Todd Pegg review data from the VMI Energy Intelligence System.
–VMI Photo By Kevin Remington

Customer Value

The system is useful in maintaining building efficiency. According to Maj. Jenny DeHart, staff engineer and sustainability coordinator, “We can look at how buildings operate over the course of the day and see if utilities are trending as we would expect.”

While most of the project was funded by grants, upon completion the total spent was $303,000. The Institute has the potential to see a 5-20% drop in energy usage based on the data obtained from the system.

We will be able to track the savings from projects in a way we’ve never been able to before.”

Chief Sustainability Officer, Virginia Military Institute

Download a PDF of the Virginia Military Institute case study here