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To Reduce Total Cost of Occupancy for Tenants Through Rooftop Solar Portfolio

Irvine Company Office Properties – Solar Design-Build Services


Edison Energy performed solar Design-Build services in support of Irvine Company’s effort to develop onsite solar at several office locations throughout California.

The engagement began with Edison assessing the feasibility of pursuing rooftop solar installations to reduce the total cost of occupancy for its tenants, while also realizing a return on its investment.

The photovoltaic “PV” solar systems are built on ICOP roofs, and the tenant will be billed for the electricity produced at a fixed $/kWh through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

  • Services: Advisor and design-builder for rooftop solar project developments across 23+ sites across their portfolio in Orange County and San Diego, California
  • Engagement Date: 2019-2020 (Phased I + II); In progress (Phase III)
  • Project Size:
    • Irvine, California – 1.3 MWdc –11 sites of rooftop solar
    • San Diego, California – 1.5 MWdc – 12 sites of rooftop solar
  • Technology: Rooftop solar
  • Status: Phase I and II Projects at Irvine and San Diego sites are complete. Phase III is in progress


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