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Electrifying Take-Home Vehicles to Reach Scope 1 & 2 Carbon Neutrality

Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company – Creating a fleet electrification strategy for take-home sales vehicles 


Our Client, a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, worked with Edison Energy’s Sustainability team to help identify and reduce their organization’s carbon emissions to reach their 2040 goal of carbon neutral in Scope 1 & 2 emissions. As part of this engagement, it was identified that the Client’s fleet operations emissions would need to be reduced to reach their carbon neutral goal.

With a sales fleet of 7,600+ light duty vehicles spanning 30+ countries globally, the Client leveraged Edison Energy on where to start fleet electrification. Many of these vehicles were taken home by employees, adding an additional layer of complexity to strategy development.

The Solution

Edison Energy’s Transportation Electrification team created a strategic fleet electrification roadmap specific to the Client. Together, the teams discussed key considerations, prioritizing safety, vehicle type, emissions reductions, and staying ahead of EV policies and mandates. To rank these considerations, the Edison team led the Client through a series of exercises designed to discover areas of concern, prioritization, and timely needs.

Edison Energy used feedback and inputs from the Client team to determine regional EV availability that met the Client’s requirements while incorporating key analytic factors such as:

  • Forecasting several total cost of ownership scenarios to determine a path forward based on make, model and operations of the vehicles
  • Evaluating greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions
  • Outlining key considerations for supporting sales representatives installing chargers and charging at home to support human resource (HR) employee policies related to home-charging
  • Calculating region-specific cost and savings metrics across different gasoline, electricity and vehicle markets
  • Providing international policy and incentive guidance
  • Creating regional electrification timelines based on EV market maturity, policy support, and fleet characteristics conducive to electrification
The Outcome

Edison brought key market intel and data driven analysis to create a Strategic Fleet Transition Roadmap that empowered the Client to:

  • See current fleet characteristics and cost, emissions, and opportunity to transition to electric vehicles
  • Prioritize planning electrification efforts across 30+ countries and serve their international fleet
  • Understand the impacts and opportunities related to relevant policies and regulations
  • Identify various cost savings, including increased operational efficiency and procurement incentives
  • Evaluate and decide on take-home vehicle charging strategies and policies
  • Discern GHG reduction metrics and impacts

Together, Edison Energy was able to help the Client achieve executive buy-in and implement an actionable plan that showed economic feasibility, opportunity costs, a change management transition plan that put safety, employees, and business values at the forefront of their vehicle transition, all while helping the Client with reaching their 2040 goal of being carbon neutral in Scope 1 & 2 emissions.


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