Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Boston, MA


Comprehensive Energy and Operation & Maintenance Assessment and complete facility retro-fit program for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute one million sq. ft. campus facilities at 44 Binney St.

  • 21 Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) identified
  • Over 300 operating deficiencies identified
  • Operations assessments identified over $568,000 in annual energy savings
  • $4,650,444 in savings from all projects retro-commissioned
  • Simple payback: 1.8 years
  • 31% reduction in energy costs
  • Audit results led to implementation of these energy conservation measures:
    – Complete Building Retro-Commissioning
    – DDC Upgrade and Controls Optimization Strategy
    – Complete HVAC System Rebalancing
    – Chilled Water Pumping Optimization
    – Lighting Occupancy Sensor Installation