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“Checking out” Energy Efficiency at the Center Street Library


As part of an effort to identify opportunities for energy conservation and cost savings, the City of Milwaukee’s Center Street Library contracted Edison Energy to perform a retro-commissioning study on the 16,150 sq. ft. facility. The Center Street Library was interested in improving the overall function of the building, and was committed to making the necessary changes that would ultimately provide cost savings and reduced energy usage.

Upon completion, Edison Energy determined that the Library’s actuator was disconnected from the open damper shaft. By reconnecting and closing the outdoor air damper, it was able to stop the excess outside air from entering. The study also investigated proper economizer controls to leverage cooler outside air instead of paying to mechanically cool the air when the outdoor air conditions are favorable.

The project also investigated optimized boiler controls and implemented hot water temperature reset from 180ºF to 140ºF based on outside air temperature. This process saved natural gas while improving interior comfort levels.

“Edison Energy’s trusted expertise and customer commitment makes them a valuable partner to the Trade Ally program and a dependable asset in ensuring project success.”
– Tom Dragotta (Regional Energy Advisor Lead, Focus on Energy)

Customer Value

The results of the study will reap $5,200 in annual savings for the Center Street Library, with a simple payback of less than a year. Through the measures conducted by Edison Energy, the Library was able to increase their energy efficiency while significantly cutting back on operational costs.

As a certified Trade Ally for the Focus on Energy Program, Edison Energy was able to assist the Center Street Library in applying for the Program’s Express Building Tune-Up (EBTU) incentive. Upon acceptance, the Library was able to receive a $7,030 incentive.


Download a PDF of case study here

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