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Achieving Energy Efficiency at SwimWest Madison


As part of an effort to identify energy savings opportunities to reduce energy consumption and improve operations, SwimWest Madison contracted Edison Energy to perform an energy assessment on the facility located in Madison, Wisconsin. By ensuring that the major building systems are operating efficiently, a significant energy and demand savings can typically be achieved. As such, the energy assessment served as a means to identify and evaluate opportunities to optimize integrated equipment operation, reduce energy waste, and improve building performance and occupant comfort.

The goals of the energy assessment were as follows:

  • Reduce annual energy consumption and annual costs
  • Improve building system control and occupant comfort

This energy assessment project’s scope included all building HVAC systems, lighting and electrical loads, building envelope, and all pool processes including pumping, heating, filtering, and domestic hot water supply. The boiler plant was reviewed on-site, but replacement of the plant equipment was already approved.

Customer Value

As a certified Trade Ally for the Focus on Energy Program, Edison Energy was brought in to the project by Focus on Energy in order to help SwimWest Madison meet their energy efficiency goals.

Karen Clay, owner of SwimWest, has stated that “[T]hrough this work, my small company is on the path to lowering its utility bills by several thousand dollars annually, with a collective payback on my investments of less than three years”.

While the work performed at SwimWest proved to be extremely valuable, Karen is continuing to pursue various ways to implement energy efficiency at the facility. Karen is the recent recipient for a U.S. Swim School Association Grant, which will fund a research trip for her to go to Amsterdam and Germany.

“We picked Amsterdam because we did our research on where is the best pool in the world… They would have sent me anywhere, but we found out Amsterdam has the best in the world in terms of energy efficiency,” said Clay.


Download a PDF of the case study here


About Focus on Energy

Focus on Energy, Wisconsin utilities’ statewide program for energy efficiency and renewable energy, helps eligible residents and businesses save energy and money while protecting the environment. Focus on Energy information, resources and financial incentives help to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that otherwise would not be completed.