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Velisa Li

Senior Analyst, Renewable Supply

I’m an Analyst in our Renewables Supply team. Our team works directly with our clients to evaluate different renewable energy opportunities and identify the best available project/s for our client’s specific needs. We’ll also interact directly with renewable developers to understand where the PPA markets are moving, the challenges that they face on the development side, and what these trends may mean for current and prospective clients looking to transact in the near future.

Educational Background

B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) – Carnegie Mellon University

Avery Hammond

Analyst, Renewable Supply

My first experience at Edison was as a Renewables Supply Intern in the summer of 2020 between my junior and senior years of college. The wonderful team, creative problem-solving, and impact of our work quickly made it clear that Edison was the right place for me. After staying on in the fall of 2020 to continue my renewable energy policy work, I happily joined the Renewables Supply team as a full-time analyst this summer.

My role as a Renewables Supply Analyst is to carry out every phase of the renewable energy procurement process to ensure that the needs of our clients are met effectively and efficiently.

Educational Background

B.A. in Economics, Environmental Science and Policy – Smith College